Soccer…..A Beautiful Game

Today’s World Cup soccer match between the U.S. and Algeria was supposed to be a walk in the park.  Get in, win, and get out with 3 points.  However, if you’ve been a fan of U.S. soccer over the years we know its never that simple.  Read more ›

2010 World Cup Preview

The first game of the 2010 World Cup is this Friday morning so it’s only right that Hot Read Sports weigh in with some predictions.  So we’ve compiled a list of the teams we feel will advance to the second round.  Read more ›

Amazing Crash Finishes Off The Indy 500

Memorial Day means BBQ’s, reflection on our lost soldiers, and of course…….The Indianapolis 500.  Though the race has lost its luster since the late 80′s and 90′s (due to horrible marketing), it still manages to attract over 350,000 spectators.  How many people are watching at home is a different story.  But what makes motorsports so spectacular isn’t the pit stops, it’s the crashes.  Read more ›

Erin Andrews Steams Up The Bedroom

At the beginning of the “Dancing With The Stars” season, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews‘ goal was to make it to the top-3.  After last nights finale it appears she was swinging for the fences in hopes of stealing the mirror ball trophy from her other competitors.  What did she do? Read more ›

Bull Fighter Visciously Gored

It’s all fun and games until someone gets gored.  We think that bullfighter, Julio Aparicio, would agree.  A day after Julio Aparicio fought two bulls successfully…….another bull got redemption Read more ›

Hot Read Hotties “NBA Playoff Dancer” Edition

We must apologize for our lack of Hot Read Hotties the past two weeks.  We do have day jobs.  But we are back this week with one of our readers’ favorite subjects……NBA cheerleaders.  This edition features the dancers of some of the playoff teams Read more ›

Where Will LeBron James Play in 2011?

Where will LeBron James play in 2011?  This is the question that will haunt all sports fans for the next month and a half.  And of course, “we will all be witnesses”.  We will wake up the LeBron James news, we will eat lunch in front of LeBron James news, and we will go to bed listening to late night talk show jokes about………..LeBron James news.  But where will he end up?  Read more ›

Field of Dreams Up For Sale

“If you build it, they will come.”  That’s what the owners of the “Field of Dreams” property are hoping.  The property used in the movie “Field Of Dreams” is up for sale.  Read more ›

Coach Disqualifies Pole Vaulter Through Poor Sportsmanship

Monrovia high school track coach Mike Knowles is an a-hole (excuse our French).  Monrovia high school track coach Mike Knowles is a poor sport.  Mike Knowles is a LOSER!  If we were the athletic director of Monrovia high school,  Mike Knowles would be cashing his last paycheck this Friday.  Why?  Read more ›

Erin Andrews Does The 80′s Rumba

ESPN sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, has made it through last week’s eliminations (Pam Anderson went home).  This week Erin and her partner did the 80′s Rumba.   Read more ›