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Will Farrell Made His Minor League Pitching Debut Last Night

Man this day just keeps getting better.  Last night Will Farrell, aka Rojo Johnson, made his minor league debut for the Round Rock Express.  Round Rock was at home taking on the Nashville Sounds. Coming into the game from the centerfield bullpen, Rojo Johnson made his presence

Philadephia Phillies Fan Tasered While Running On Field

Ahhh yes, the great dash across the field by the fan that thinks its awesome to do so.  Actually it is awesome in a way.  It’s like bonus entertainment.  You come to watch the game and smack dab in the middle you get to see somebody act like a jackass and get tackled by security.  [...]

Race Car Flips Into Crowd-Filled Stands

Just when you thought that racing was safe the unexpected happens.  Most race fans go to a race to enjoy the loud roars of the engines, the smells of burnt rubber, and the crashing.  But race fans don’t expect those crashes

Mo Williams Can Dunk?

Saturday night the Boston Celtics went to Ohio to face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.  The Cavs came away with the victory, but one shocking thing happened 

Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Performs Insane Stunt

First off, we didn’t even know that the Milwaukee Bucks had a mascot.  Well they do.  His name is Bango.  We won’t be forgetting about him any longer because of what he did the other night at the Bucks playoff game versus the Atlanta Hawks.  Bango  

Erin Andrews Should Dance The Samba Every Week

Another week goes by on “Dancing With The Stars” and another steamy performance from ESPN’s Erin Andrews.  After what we consider a horrible week last week (Pulp Fiction), Erin and Maksim got it back together and performed

Usain Bolt throws down an 8.79

Usain Bolt continues to dazzle the world.  His most recent eye popping feat?  Throwing down an 8.79 second 100 meter anchor leg in the 4 x 100 meter relay at the Penn Relays.  Grant it, it’s not an open 100 meter race, but its the same distance

A-Rod Pisses Off Oakland A’s Pitcher Dallas Braden

Is there anyone left on this planet who likes Alex Rodriguez?  You can cross Oakland Athletics pitcher Dallas Braden off the list.  The 26 year old pitcher didn’t take too kindly to A-Rod’s blatant disrespect in yesterday’s matinee game.  Rodriguez was

Caron Butler Of The Dallas Mavericks Is Obsessed With McDonalds

Have you heard about Caron Butler’s obsession with McDonald’s?  Yes, McDonald’s.  But Caron isn’t obsessed with the tasty Big Mac, the scrumptous chicken club, or the delightfully rubbery Chicken McNuggets.  He’s more of a McDonald’s

Erin Andrews Shakes Her Assets to Pulp Fiction

“Dancing With The Stars” returned for another round on Monday night.  Erin Andrews didn’t disappoint, however we think she should stick to long hair.  We understand that she was channeling her inner Uma Thurman but

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