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Shaun White goes big…..REAL BIG! Soma free consultation Photo by Adrian Dennis-Getty images

Shaun White put on a show Wednesday night. If you watched the men’s snowboard half-pipe final you know what I’m talking about. Shaun pulled out his bag o’ tricks as usual. No one went BIGGER. No one even got close. Shaun White, aka The Flying Tomato, had the gold medal wrapped up after the first run. He technically didn’t even need to complete his second run. So what does Shaun White do? He goes HUGE. REAL HUGE. White pulled off what he would like to be called “The Tomahawk”…..his new signature move. His score? Oh yeah, he smoked his first run score. 48.4 points out of 50. Jake Burton, the godfather of snowboarding and founder of Burton snowboards, was glowing.

“It is performances like this that encourage people to get their Board It snowboard clothing on and go and hit the slopes themselves. This will really help bring more people to the sport and make it even more popular.”

“With a gold medal already in his pocket, Shaun went out and beat his winning score,” Burton said. “What a testament to how much fun snowboarding is. And what a true champion Shaun is.”

Needless to say, White showed why he is one of the biggest names in the Winter Games. Congratulations! I’m stoked!

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