Texas Stadium To Be Blown Up By Kid

As we all know Texas Stadium is now vacant.  The home of the Dallas Cowboys has now shifted east to the city of Arlington to Cowboys Stadium.  So what should be done with the old Texas Stadium? Naturally, we should BLOW IT UP!  Kraft Foods decided to start an essay contest amongst local kids who had made a difference in their communities.  The winner?  11 year old Casey Rogers from Terrell, Texas.  Casey won because of his community leadership.  3 years ago Casey was at a Burger King and offered a homeless man some food.  The homeless man told him to get away.  Casey was puzzled by the man’s response.  So he set out and formed Casey’s Heart, a charity that distributes food to the homeless.  Casey collects food from churches, neighbors, and anyone willing to help and redistributes once or twice a month (depending on how much he collects) at the same parking lot in downtown Dallas.   Where does he get all of this drive?  Well Casey was a foster child and he figured if his adopted parents were willing to help him, then why wouldn’t he help somebody else.  The rest is history.  So what does Casey have to say about winning this unique contest?

“Oh man, I’m just excited,” the Terrell sixth-grader said. “Real excited.”

Apparently many Cowboys fans were worried that a kid who loved the Washington Redskins or Philadelphia Eagles would win the contest.  Rest easy folks….Casey Rogers LOVES the Dallas Cowboys.

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