The Best 5-Year-Old Baseball Player You’ve Ever Seen

Can we go ahead and test this kid now for PED’s?  5-year-old Ariel Antigua from New Jersey just might be the next megastar in the Major Leagues.  As the video below shows this youngster can hit, field, and pitch.  And when I say hit I mean 75 mph fastballs.  Watch his footwork at second base when he fields the ball and spins and throws.  You don’t find this at just any little league park.  Usually 5 year olds are playing grab ass and waving at their parents in the stands.  Not Ariel.  He’s serious about becoming the next big thing.  Is your kid this good?

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  • Tristan C says:

    aaammmaazziing!!! i can bearly do that and i am much older then him keep at it kid hopefully we will play together in the majors together. from one dreamer, and hardworker to the next

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