Tiger Woods Set For His Return To Golf

Tiger Woods’ highly anticipated return to golf begins tomorrow at Augusta National.  I’m sure the media will be worked into a lather and the galleries will be enormous.  Two pieces of advice for Tiger this weekend.  One, don’t get caught texting on your cellphone AT ALL this weekend (see pic above) and just focus on getting through the tournament.  If he is able to block out all the distractionsand put on a show, I for one will be willing to call him the greatest golfer of all-time……even before he passes Jack Nicklaus for the most majors won.  Think about it.  If Tiger Woods was able to come back from a disasterous personal situation stroll into the Masters with all its mystique and pressure, perform at the highest level, and WIN…..don’t you think that we can go ahead and give him the moniker of the greatest ever?  Sure, he would probably be compared to a robot, some sort of cyborg, or more likely someone who is void of feeling, but would it be right?  Would the tabloids see his win as a sign that he really isn’t sorry for what he did, because if he was as broken as he portrayed wouldn’t he finish tied for 32nd?  Wouldn’t he miss the cut?  Maybe, but the greatest golfer EVER would laugh in your face, slip on another green jacket, and walk over and kiss his wife.  This should be fun to watch.

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