Tim Tebow Helps With A Marriage Proposal

Before you ask…no this is not the girl, but it was a great way to insert this photo.
Is there anything that Tim Tebow doesn’t do?  If this guy ever fails in the NFL he’ll most likely be good at something.  Babysitting?  Flipping burgers? Manicures? Gardening?  I venture to say all of the above.  How about helping a guy propose to his girlfriend?  Well you can go ahead and scratch that one off the list.  During a meet and greet a man asked Tim Tebow if he would help him propose to his girlfriend right on stage in front of Superman and his Heisman trophy.  Let’s just hope this girl was a football fan because if not then this guys proposal was as lame as asking for her hand in marriage by jumbotron at a sporting event (not a reference to Colt McCoy).  How awkward is it that Tebow is holding the ring while the guy gets down on one knee?  Check out the video below:

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