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Top 10 NBA Jersey’s Sold In 2010

Yesterday the NBA announced the top jersey sales for the 2010 season.  On top of that list……Kobe Bryant.  Interesting, since a few years back moms around the country wouldn’t dare let their children wear his jersey.  Remember that incident in Colorado?  (For the record Kobe was innocent). That’s all history now.King Kobe is back on top and so are the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Lakers were the top selling “team” for merchandise, a title they have had 7 of the last 8 years.  Can you say bandwagon?  Yeah we said it.    Taking second place for individual jersey sales was LeBron James.  We are quite suprised he isn’t number 1, but I’m sure sales were down on James this year because his jersey could be old news if he winds up in New York, Miami, or New Jersey next year.  Just kidding about New Jersey ;)   Here is the remainder of the top 10.  Is your favorite player on the list?

1.  Kobe Bryant

2.  LeBron James

3.  Kevin Garnett

4.  Derrick Rose

5.  Dwight Howard

6.  Dwyane Wade

7.  Chris Paul

8.  Paul Pierce

9.  Kevin Durant

10.  Carmelo Anthony

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