Top 25 college football recruiting classes for 2010

Ahhhhhhh yes. February 3rd. The day that high school seniors can sign their letters of intent to play college football. I like to call it Christmas in February. For over a year, universities across the country have pined over, fought over, kissed up to, and impressed some of the most sought after talent in the country. It is true that some people prefer to not play, but stand back and watch, or even gamble, on football. For example, fantasy football is something that many participate in, where you choose a contest and draft a lineup from your favorite NFL players, leading to big cash prizes! Nevertheless, those that are playing and sought after are all noticed today. Who made our Top 25 recruiting classes?

Well this isn’t necessarily an accurate list since we won’t know how these young gentlemen will pan out over 4 years. But, predicting it sure is fun. Many of these so called “blue chippers” will never play on Sunday, while many players who were overlooked will hear their name at the NFL Draft. So it’s a crap shoot. Coaching, discipline, progression, and luck take over now. An emphasis on coaching! How else would you explain the success TCU, Boise St, Utah, etc. have had on the field? All of those teams are lucky to crack the Top 50 in recruiting classes each year, yet seem to put out Top 10 teams on a regular basis. So here it is:

HOT READ SPORTS TOP 25 Recruiting Classes of 2010

1. USC- Lane Kiffin swooped in and not only kept players committed but finished off nicely. Top recruit- Seantrel Henderson

2. Texas- Ridiculous talent. Another banner year. Top prospect- Jackson Jeffcoat

3. Florida- Urban Meyer’s football hiatus didn’t scare anyone away. Top prospect- Ronald Powell and Sharrif Floyd

4. UCLA- Neuheisel is good at getting talent. How much is he paying them ;) Top prospect- Owamagbe Odighizuwa

5. Alabama- Defense was the focus this year after losing Arenas, Cody, and McClain. Top prospect- DeMarcus Milliner

6. LSU- Hijacked 2 Wr’s on signing day. Looks like they oversigned so expect a few not to make it in. Top prospect- Spencer Ware

7. California- Grabbed 4 quality WR’s. Top prospect- Keenan Allen and Chris Martin

8. Penn State- LB University adds 3 more LB’s. Top prospect- Khairi Fortt

9. Oklahoma- Class is full of talent and a few late bloomers. Top prospect- Justin McCay

10. Florida St.- Jimbo Fisher has officially taken over and signed a nice class. Top prospect- LaMarcus Joyner and Christian Jones

11. Auburn- Got better at the skill positions and OL. Top prospect- Michael Dyer and Cameron Newton

12. Tennessee- After the Kiffin debacle, Dooley held onto a nice class. Top prospect- Da’Rick Rogers

13. Georgia- Went heavy on the D-line. Top prospect- Alec Ogletree

14. Oregon- Crazy day for them. Stole Huff and Heimuli. Top prospect- Lache Seastrunk

15. Notre Dame- The Brian Kelly era begins. Wait and see. Top prospect- Matt James and Louis Nix

16. Ohio State- A smaller class, but quality. Top prospect- Andrew Norwell

17. Clemson- Lots of speed recruited in this class. Top prospect- Josh Watson

18. Texas A&M- Lost a commit to LSU, but continued to land top talent. But can they develop it? Top prospect- Luke Joeckel

19. Missouri- Offense and more offense. What about your porous defense? Top prospect- Nick Demien

20. Virginia Tech- Lots of meat in this class. Top prospect- Laurence Gibson

21. Ole Miss- Can you say JUCO talent? Lots of it. Top prospect- Wayne Dorsey and Randall Mackey

22. West Virginia- LB and WR heavy. Top prospect (still not signed)- LaTwan Anderson

23. Nebraska- Talent from 11 different states. Top prospect- Braylon Heard

24. Michigan- Defense was the focus here. Signed 29. Attrition? Top prospect- Cullen Christian

25. Oklahoma State- Nothing jumps off the page, but a solid class. Top prospect- Shaun Lewis

Just outside the top 25- Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Stanford, Oregon State, and TCU

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