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Usain Bolt throws down an 8.79

Usain Bolt continues to dazzle the world.  His most recent eye popping feat?  Throwing down an 8.79 second 100 meter anchor leg in the 4 x 100 meter relay at the Penn Relays.  Grant it, it’s not an open 100 meter race, but its the same distance and begs the question…….Can Bolt drop his current 100 meter world record by almost a second?  Probably not, but approaching the 9 second mark wouldn’t seem out of the question considering the way he’s been shaving down his time.  Once again we’ll all be keeping tabs on this Jamaican runner as we approach the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.  Two whole years away for a guy who just started running the 100 meter a few years ago.  He’s already the fastest man alive, but could he drop the world record into the “untouchable” category?  Will we be calling Bolt “the fastest man to ever live” in 40 years?  Maybe.  This guy seems to drop records with ease.  This comes at a great time for track and field because they are in desperate need of someone to carry the torch and put track and field back on the map.

Want to know how fast 8.79 seconds is?  Check out this video on of his anchor leg.  They set the leg to music so you can see just how fast 8.79 seconds really is.

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