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Will Farrell Made His Minor League Pitching Debut Last Night cheap watson soma online

Man this day just keeps getting better.  Last night Will Farrell, aka Rojo Johnson, made his minor league debut for the Round Rock Express.  Round Rock was at home taking on the Nashville Sounds. Coming into the game from the centerfield bullpen, Rojo Johnson made his presence known early by downing a beer on the mound and shoving a ball boy.  After a few warm up pitches and a short conversation with his catcher, Jason Castro, Rojo was ready.  The first pitch was straight gas, however it was thrown behind the Nashville Sounds batter.  The umpire then promptly threw Rojo Johnson out of the game.  But things weren’t done yet…..the batter chases Will Far- I mean Rojo Johnson around the park.  I’ve got to hand it Will Farrell, he always brings it and it never gets old.  This may have been his best character yet.  Watch the video below of Rojo Johnson in action and then the video of the post game news conference below.

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